Peter Ilko, MSc., B.A.

Peter Ilko, MSc., B.A.

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Educational background

Peter completed an officer training course and studied police leadership at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FHWN). He has participated in several national and international courses in crime scene investigation and law relevant for police work, and has also trained as a communication and police interrogation trainer. Master’s degree in psychology and training as an Academic Dyslexia Therapist at the Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology (UMIT) in Hall in Tirol, currently training to become a clinical psychologist.

Professional background

Peter works as a psychologist. He is a certified trainer and has many years of experience as a police commanding officer, police trainer and project manager, specialising in police interviews and interrogation. At En GardE he offers his criminal police/psychological expertise and his practical experience exclusively to business clients, giving them a highly specific insight which they can go on to use in their everyday business practice.

En GardE focus

Christian has been instrumental in developing our concept and runs seminars, coachings and consulting. He is the Managing Partner of En GardE Verhandlungstraining GmbH.